I decided to try my hand at some more crafting. Having recently suffered multiple drinks being knocked off my couch arm by Olly (my cat) I decided to come up with a solution.

After finding the inspiration for my clothes line photo frame on Pinterest I went back there to see what other people have come up with and came across this couch table (see image) created by Erin Francois at Francois Et Moi.

This looked like it would solve my drink spilling issues so I had a go a making it. The style of the table designed by Erin Francois perfectly suited the colour scheme of my living room so I decided to use the same style and a slightly altered design.

The Inspiration for the couch table.


You should be able to pick up all of the materials to create a couch arm table from a local hardware store. Here is a list of everything you will need.

Work Bench

It helps to have a workbench if to secure the wood when sawing, gluing and sanding.


You will need a T-square to mark up the wood with guide markings for cutting.

Masking Tape

If you want to add paint stripes to the table you will need to use tape, I used a FrogTape.


Pretty much any type of wood would work for this. I chose a 18mm Spruce furniture board.


You will need to saw the wood to the correct size, I used a Jigsaw.

Spray Paint

If you want to decorate the table you will need some paint. I used white spay paint.


You will need a pencil to mark up the wood.

Wood Glue

You need a strong glue to bond the wood, I used Gorilla glue.


You will need to varnish the wood to protect it. I used Ronseal interior varnish.

Eraser / Rubber

If you are anything like me you will make a few mistakes so always good to have a rubber on hand.


You will need to sand the wood smooth, I used mouse sander.

Paint Brush

You will need a paint brush to apply the varnish to the finished table.

How to make a couch arm table

Step 1

  • Measure the width of the arm of the couch that you want to hold the table.
  • Decide the joint you would like to use for the corners of the table. (I used finger joints)
  • Mark out the wood with the measurements to fit your couch, sofa or arm chair. (See image)

Step 2

  • Saw the wood to size (I used a jigsaw for this)
  • Cut out the fingers for the joint.

Step 3

  • Make sure that the joints fit together (I had to sand mine down to fit correctly).
  • Make sure the wood fits the arm of the couch.

Step 4

  • Glue the joints together.
  • Clamp the wood together while the glue drys

Step 5

  • Sand the excess glue from the table. (I used a mouse sander because I’m lazy)
  • Sand the joints till smooth.

Step 6

  • Tape up the table. (I used frog tape.)
  • I decided to copy the style of the table I used for inspiration and use stripes.

Step 7

  • Paint the table. (I used spray paint.)
  • It may take multiple coats.
  • Wait for the paint to dry.

Step 8

  • Peel the tape off the table.

Step 9

  • Varnish the table.
  • Depending on the brand/type of varnish you may need to do several coats.
  • Enjoy your new table.