Recently I’ve been decorating my living room and looking for something to hang on the walls. I wanted a way to showcase some photos of recent holidays and trips. I’m a relatively new user of Pinterest but decided to create a board with anything I thought might look good in my living room, take a look at my board here; Pinterest Living room Board.


I came across some colourful photo frames that had been upcycled (see image) with wire and mini clothes pegs for hanging photos. I liked the look of these and decided to have a go at making my own version for my living room.

To ensure the frame suited the style of my living room I decided to use a more modern and simple frame. I also decided to use the frame to hold an image rather then leaving the back open.

a photo of the Inspiration for the clothes line picture frame


I managed to pick up all of the things I needed for the project pretty easily. Click on the images below to see the websites and stores I used.

Photo Frame

I used a large white RIBBA frame from Ikea.

Mini Clothes Pegs & String

I picked up both the mini clothes pegs and string from my local Range store.

Polaroid Photos

I used Cheerz to print Polaroid photos from trips me and Tara have been on.

Artwork / Map

I used Etsy to purchase a digital download of a world map and used a local printer to print the map to size for the frame.

Making It.

Making the frame was quite simple, as you can see from the time-laps video. The main issue was figuring out the spacing of the strings that hanged across the frame. After arranging my photos on top of the frame in different positions it became clear that three rows of photos would look the best.

To make sure that the strings where equally separated I marked the frame 1 inch from the top then measured the remaining height of the frame and divided this by three, this gave me the height I needed to measure between each row.

I marked up each side of the frame and cut the string to size. I then took out the back of the frame and put it face down. At this point I added the string to the frame at the marked positions and mounted the image following the instructions provided with the frame. Before securing the fastenings, I lifted the frame to check the alignment and amount of slack for each row of string. With all of the rows looking correct I secured them in place with tape and closed the fastenings on the back of the frame.

With the rows of string securely in place all that was left to do was the straightforward job of using the mini clothes pegs to hang my photos and to mount the frame on the wall. I’m very happy with how my clothes-line frame turned out.